Tri-Cities Creation Science Club

The creation science club is for all ages. Mark Finkbeiner speaks using power point on important subjects addressing contemporary issues not only exposing evolution as a religion but also teaches on fun interesting and entertaining subjects on creation, geological evidences of the flood, dinosaurs and the age of the earth.

Mark also does Bible and science demos to inspire people to think about the deeper truths that govern the universe and how God’s creation is a revelation of God. This includes teaching classes to home school students in geology and electrical engineering.

Mark also leads field trips about the Biblical (Universal) flood and the Missoula Flood, as well as the Ice Age. The creation science club also has a traveling rock and fossil museum that testifies of the Universal flood.

Here is the direct link to the Creation Science Club website.

Here is the direct link to the Mark Finkbeinder’s academy of science website:

Temple Baptist Church Creation Science Club